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Are ceiling fans really safe?


Ceiling fan is a kind of fan. Many people use ceiling fan to cool down in their daily life. Especially in summer, if there is a cool ceiling fans hanging on the roof, it can maximize the cool air and let the indoor air flow in many areas. It can cool down and solve people's indoor stuffy situation. Bluetooth ceiling fan can often be seen in densely populated places such as schools and factories. But the ceiling fan is directly hung on the roof, and many people worry that it will fall when using the wifi ceiling fan. So, are ceiling fans safe?

Are ceiling fans safe?

In fact, the fancy ceiling fans is very safe. As long as the installation process is strictly followed, there will be absolutely no chance of falling. At least the chance of this is much smaller than that of a plane crash. If you want to fall, the ceiling fan is aging, the fixing is loose, and the quality problem is all possible, but the probability is so small that there is no limit, and I have never heard of it in the news.

There are two main types of ceiling fans

1. The working principle of a ceiling fan with a large capacity that can regulate speed is just that of a single-phase asynchronous motor, which only encloses the squirrel cage rotor in the stator embedded with two-phase windings. Since single-phase power supply cannot generate rotating magnetic field, one of the windings must be series capacitors to achieve the purpose of phase separation.

2. Breeze ceiling fan, its working principle is a synchronous motor with permanent magnet excitation, because the synchronous motor is difficult to start, so it must use a spring to help it start.

wireless ceiling fan

There are two main differences between ceiling fan motor and table fan motor:

1. Speed of rotation

Ceiling fan pole number, slow speed; The table fan spins fast.

Because the diameter of the ceiling fan blade is large, the speed of the motor cannot be too high, otherwise the linear speed of the edge of the fan blade is too large, which is prone to danger. The speed of the motor is usually 300 ~ 400r/min.

The fan motor mainly uses single-phase capacitor running motor, the input power is 32 ~ 85W.

2. Rotor and stator

Ceiling fans are stator rotary. The stator is mounted inside and connected with the boom, while the rotor is set outside the stator, and the fan blade is directly fixed on the upper end cover of the machine head. After electrification, the fan blade, the upper cover, the lower cover and the rotor run together.

The fan is a stator band coil, fixed, the rotor is cast aluminum rat dragon coil, it is rotating.

Advantages of ceiling fans:

1. Power saving

I believe that those who have used retractable blade ceiling fan and air conditioners will feel that compared to the power consumption of air conditioners, ceiling fans are really a drop in the bucket and there is no need to worry about them. An air conditioner is equivalent to the power consumption of 20 electric fans. When the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees, using a fan can completely achieve the effect of cooling and driving heat, and it will not cause too much difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures, and it is not easy to cause colds and other phenomena.

elegant ceiling fan

2. Aesthetics and strong integration

Wifi ceiling fan are also differentiated by style. At present, there are hundreds of styles on the market, ranging from simple to gorgeous, from Chinese to American and European, and they are sure to meet your requirements for a unified style.

3. Low noise, fast speed

In fact, you will find that the noise of ceiling fans in daily life is very low, so low that if you don't pay attention or pay attention to it, you will almost feel that there is no sound when the ceiling fan is running. The general ceiling fan has different speed intensity, from slow to fast, and the process changes relatively quickly.

Why is the ceiling fan not blowing?

1. The fan blades are not tilted; treatment method: Tilt the fan blades, the fan blades are parallel and will not generate wind.

2. The fan blade is too thin and the quality is poor; solution: replace the fan blade.

3. The starting capacitor is reversed; solution: adjust the connection of the starting capacitor.

Causes of slow ceiling fan speed and introduction of maintenance methods

1. The reasons for the slow speed of the ceiling fan and the introduction of maintenance methods

2. The governor is damaged; if it is a newly purchased ceiling fan and it turns slowly, it may be that the governor is broken.

3. The bearing is short of oil; it may also be that the ceiling fan has been used for a period of time and the bearing is short of oil, which will also affect the speed. At this time, you can add some butter. If there is a short circuit between turns, the motor will overheat and need to be rewound.

4. Problems with the fan blades; carefully check whether there are any problems with the fan blades, such as whether they are deformed. If there is serious deformation, it will also affect the speed.

ceiling fan with light for bedroom

5. Capacitor capacity decreases; most household appliances are powered by single-phase power supply, but electrical appliances with motors must be powered by two-phase or more than two-phase power supply. If the capacitor value becomes smaller or the friction between oil shortages is greater or inter-turn short circuit, the capacitor value becomes smaller, and the capacitor value can be increased appropriately, but it should not be too large, otherwise the temperature of the motor will increase and the life of the motor will be affected.

6. The motor of the electric fan enters the dust; the electric fan will inhale some dust more or less after being used for a long time, but don't underestimate it, it is the culprit of the wear and tear of the rotating parts. When this happens, the motor can be removed and cleaned. The motor of the fan is very simple and easy to remove, but be careful not to damage the insulation layer, just dry it in the sun or blow it dry.

I hope this article can help you know more about ceiling fan.

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