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Sofucor Affiliate Program

Promote sofucorfan.com on your website or via email and social media and get paid! 

Why Join Sofucor Affiliate Program?

  • Free to join

    Free to join and easy to sign-up,making your passion into revenue.

  • Receive commission

    Get 20% commission on total referral sales

  • Cookie days

    Extended 30-day cookies for tracking

Whom Are We Seeking?

We are searching for skilled collaborators who are enthusiastic about sharing their environments and are driven to generate revenue in the process.The following types of creators are particularly desirable, and if you fall into one of them and are interested in our products, please collaborate with us!

  • Technophile

    You, who enjoy trying new technology products and are familiar smart home devices, will be a perfect match for us.

  • Environmentalist

    Having a partner who is interested in environmentally friendly products or values home environmental protection would be such a fortunate thing..

  • Lifestyle Expert/Website

    Look forward to growing with you who focus on interior design and home decoration.

What you will get?

  • Free sample

    As a partner, you will have receive free samples, making you gain a deeper understanding of the product's features and quality. 

  • Experience new things

    You will have priority access to experience new products, making you stay ahead and share the latest product experiences with your audience.

  • Commission Rebates
    You will receive generous commission rewards based on your promoted sales.This rewards your efforts and contributions with a fair return on investment.