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Ceiling Fan Buying Guide

A ceiling fan can give you more control over the comfort of the room, whether using it to force warm air downward or to create a cool breeze to keep the air moving. However, when it comes to buying ceiling fans, the number of options can be overwhelming,and sometimes it can be hard to know what features, sizes, and types will best meet your needs.Whether you want to upgrade from your existing model or are a first-time purchase, this celing fan buying guide that covers almost every considerations will help you choose a celing fan.

Ceiling Fan Buying Guide

1.Ceiling Fan Type and Installation Location
2.Ceiling Fan Size
3.Ceiling Fan Style and Colour
4.Ceiling Fan Lighting
5.Ceiling Fan Mounting
6.Ceiling Fan Controls
7.Ceiling Fan Effiency/Airflow
8.Your Budget
9.Other Factors You May Concern

1. What Type of Fan Do You Need?

Are you having trouble choosing a ceiling fan? These options—indoor,outdoor(include wet-rated, and damp-rated ) fansare designed to adapt different types of conditions. To select the appropriate ceiling fan for the space, it's critical that you determine the exact location of the installation.

Indoor Ceiling Fans

Indoor ceiling fans, commonly referred to as "dry-rated" fans, are ideal for spaces such as great rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and dining rooms where there isn't a lot of moisture.
These fans could not be the best option for bathrooms and laundry rooms because they are made only for indoor usage and can't be directly exposed to water or moisture. Furthermore, they most definitely cannot be placed outdoor.