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Submit your name, telephone number, electrician certificate and email addressin the following form. After passing the examination, we will contact you tobecome the agent of our products. The first product purchased is free,and become our product agent and enjoy wholesale prices

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Benefits for electrician members

You can get a discount on our products and you can take installation orders from our customers

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Frequently asked questions

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How many electrical distributors do you need?

100+,you can make a lot of money cooperating with us

Is the purchase of your first ceiling fan free?

Of course, if you are an electrician, please send us an email with your name, email address, electrician ID and address. We will send you the ceiling fan you want free of charge after we approve it

How about the quality of your ceiling fans?

Our ceiling fan quality is very good, we are the source manufacturer, our price is also very good, very competitive in the industry

How much discount will you give us if we wholesale your products?

The more you wholesale, the bigger discount we can give you

Do you offer free shipping for your products?

For electrician members, all our products are free of shipping

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