What types of capacitors are used in a ceiling fan?

A ceiling fan typically uses a single-phase capacitor to help the motor start and run efficiently. This type of capacitor is used to store energy in an electric field, allowing the motor to receive power in short bursts as needed. A single-phase capacitor can be either a permanent split-capacitor (PSC) or a dual-capacitor, depending on the specific design of the fan. A PSC type capacitor has two windings: one winding is connected to the fan's motor and the other winding is connected to a start switch that turns off once the motor has reached its designated speed. A dual-capacitor, meanwhile, contains two capacitors in one package, with both capacitors connected to the fan's motor. These capacitors work together to ensure that the motor runs smoothly and efficiently. It is important to note that both types of single-phase capacitors must be specifically designed for use in ceiling fans as they differ from other electrical applications. Replacement capacitors should always be purchased with the manufacturer's specifications in mind.

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Beyond single-phase capacitors, some ceiling fan motors also use a second type of capacitor known as a run capacitor. This type of capacitor is used to help the fan motor maintain a constant speed and reduce energy consumption. Run capacitors are typically round or oval shaped and feature two electrical terminals that must be connected to the fan motor. It is important to use a run capacitor that has the same specifications as the original, as using one with different specifications could cause damage to the fan motor. Like other capacitors, run capacitors must be specifically designed for use in ceiling fans and should always be purchased with this in mind.

By using both single-phase and run capacitors, a living room ceiling fan is able to start and run smoothly while using as little energy as possible. It is important to always purchase high-quality replacement parts when working on a ceiling fan and make sure to use components specifically designed for use in the fan itself. This will help ensure that the fan runs safely and efficiently for many years to come.


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Hi, I’m trying to learn more about ceiling fans and capacitors. So far I’ve learned low resistance is the run winding and high resistance is the start winding. So many capacitors are like 1.5 to 3.0uf + 4.5 to 6.5uf. So would the lower uf go with the lower resistance run winding?
Thanks in advance.

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