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Selecting A Ceiling Fan - Master The Most Important Factors


Ceiling fans make an aesthetic statement, and provide physical comfort in your home, so selecting one should be a fun, but well-thought out experience! There is a lot to take into consideration when exploring the right fixture. What part of the home are you shopping for? What are the dimensions of that space? What kind of style are you aiming for? Lucky for you, we’ve developed a simple guide to select the very best ceiling fan for your space, so that your time spent shopping is nothing but a breeze.

  1. Location
    Inside? Outside? Under cover? Wet rated fans are a must in any area exposed to the elements. Spaces like covered porches and sunrooms are best served by outdoor fans when condensation and high humidity are factors. Wet rated fans can be used inside as well, but indoor-only fans can’t play outside.
  2. Style
    Narrow your search by finding fans that complement your home décor. Go for modern if a streamlined look is more your style or check out traditional fans if they best suit your space.
  3. Size

     Choosing the right size fan is important. A fan that is too large can overpower a room, and too small will not circulate enough air. These guidelines will help:

  4. Airflow
    CFM is the magic acronym needed to achieve the optimum airflow output of a fan. It also calculates the operating cost and energy expenditure of your fan. So what actually is CFM?
  5. Light
    Because sometimes you just need overhead lighting. LED light kits are either included or offered as optional accessories for most fans.
  6. Control
    Fans now have far more options than pull chains to operate! Look for included or optional accessories to make your fan WiFi compatible for smart phone control and integrate with home devices like Alexa and Google Assistant for voice activation.
  7. Motor
    There are two types of fan motors. AC, also known as a spinner motor fan or DC, that use up to 70% less energy than an AC motor fan. They run cooler and quieter for longer life!
  8. Customize
    Fans are cool because you can customize both aesthetic and operational elements. If you are the kind of person who rearranges your furniture and swaps out throw pillows seasonally, look for fans with reversible blades. If creating a connected home is at the top of your to-do list, check out the many options for controls.
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